FM hearing systems

Radio link hearing systems are the perfect portable companion for anyone with a hearing difficulty or for venues which require a versatile hearing enhancement system.

All hearing systems are designed to benefit those with hearing loss, by transmitting sound directly to hearing aids or to specialist sets of headphones, but it is important to understand the different technologies available in order to make a fully informed decision when choosing a system. Radio frequency hearing systems are an alternative to induction loop and infrared hearing enhancement system and are used with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids and headphones. Both the microphone / transmitter and receiver units are wireless and rechargeable, with charges lasting up to eight hours of continuous use. Multiple receiver units can be used with a single microphone / transmitter making this product ideal for meetings, presentations.

Radio link hearing systems consist of a combined microphone / transmitter unit which is placed in a convenient position in order to pick up local conversations or worn around the neck of the presenter / guest speaker. The microphone will transmit its signal, which is then picked up by the receiver units. The receiver units are worn around the neck of the user with hearing difficulties and will pick up all sound broadcast from the microphone and feed this into the neckloop and on to the users hearing aid (via the ‘T’ or loop setting). If a user does not have a hearing aid then headphones can also be plugged into the received unit.

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