Infrared Hearing Systems

Infrared systems provide a clear means for people with varying degrees of hearing loss to hear clearly when attending theatre productions, group meetings or training sessions.

By transmitting sound directly to the users headset or hearing aid receiver, background noise can be greatly reduced and sound clarity boosted, enabling people to hear the speaker or performance. Infrared systems are often used to assist hearing aid users when Induction loop systems are not practical due to excessive background electrical interference. Systems can either be connected to an existing audio system or wired to dedicated microphones, therefore allowing users to hear all the sounds of the performance or presentation. Newtech can provide a range of microphones to suit all applications including ceiling mounted, desk mounted, hand held or wireless radio microphones. Any number of microphones can be incorporated in the system and a member of our sales team can advise you on the option available to you.

Infrared Receiver Units

There are two types of wireless receiver units which can be used. Headset receivers worn like standard headphones with an inbuilt replicating the transmitted sound to the earpieces.

Neckloop receivers are used by hearing aid users and contain a neckloop with inbuilt Infrared receiver which the user wears around they neck. Hearing aid users then switch their hearing aid to the T position to received the electromagnetic signal transmitted by the neck loop.Any number of receiver units can be used together providing they have a clear line of sight to the radiator (transmitter). The units are rechargeable and have a simple one button ON/OFF operation with volume control.





Headset receiver units are worn like headphones and can therefore be used by anyone with hearing loss regardless of whether of not they use a hearing aid.

Any number of headset or neckloop receivers can be used at any one time and each receiver is rechargeable. Charging stations allow up to 10 receivers units to be simultaneously charged.The infrared receiver sensor in built into the front of the unit and so the for best reception the headset should have a clear line of sight to radiator (transmitter) module. Multiple headset can be used together and multichannel system can be setup in order to broadcast different audio signal (such as audio description for the blind or different languages) which can be switched between by the user.

How do Infrared Systems Compare to Induction Loop Systems?

Benefits of Infrared systems

  • Excellent sound quality due to increased bass response over induction loop systems.
  • Two types of receiver device are available allowing both hearing aid users and non hearing aid users to benefit from the system.
  • Avoids the need to install a loop cable around the perimeter of the room
  • Infrared signals can not pass through walls and so privacy in confidential meetings can be maintained.
  • Multi Infrared systems can be designed to be 100% compatible with each other

Drawbacks of Infrared systems

  • High cost – Although installation costs are lower than with induction loop systems, the equipment is more expensive.
  • Receiver units must be given out to anyone who wishes to use the system and returned when they are finished with them.

Please see our Projects page for recent Newtech installations involving Infrared systems.

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