Soundfield Systems

Soundfield Systems are becoming increasingly popular within schools and teaching centres. By amplifying the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom, pupils with hearing difficulties are able to hear clearly and engage more actively in the lesson.

Soundfield systems are essentially specialist sound reinforcement systems which combine wireless microphones and multiple speakers. They are carefully designed in order to produce an even spread of sound throughout the room. In a classroom environment a Soundfield system will allow the teacher to speak at a normal volume but allow pupils at the back of the room to hear just as clearly as those sat at the front. Each Soundfield system needs to be designed to match individual acoustics of the room and must take such factors as room size, class size and the structure of the lessons.

How Do Soundfield Systems Work?

Soundfield Systems are basically in three parts

  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

The teacher will wear a wireless microphone. A wide range of microphones are available and we can discuss the options open
to you. The microphone will transmit sound to the amplifier which will in turn feed either ceiling or wall mounted speakers. Soundfield system use specific speakers so as to amplify the teachers voice evenly throughout the room.

Benefits of Soundfield Systems

  • All pupils can benefit from clearly hearing their teacher (both hearing aid users and those without hearing loss)
  • Teachers do not have to shout to be heard
  • Existing music systems/televisions, laptops or other sound equipment can also be connected, allowing these sources to also be heard clearly throughout the classroom.
For more information about a classroom sound system please speak to a member of our sales team.