Ealing green church audio visual system, London

Brief of the church audio visual  requirements

The existing Ealing Green church audio visual system was in need of an upgrade. As part of a major renovation works Newtech Southern was asked to design and install a new audio visual system that would serve the new multifunctional community and religious space.


The client required an audio visual system that would allow audio and video inputs and outputs throughout the church so that services / events could be held in any area or in any configuration. 6 floorboxes were installed each fitted with microphone, laptop audio/ MP3, HDMI inputs, together with monitor speaker and TV monitor outputs. These floorboxes allowed microphones and music playback devices to be connected into the mixer and laptops to be connected into the video switcher which would then be displayed on either of the two portable 60″ LED monitors or projector. A 5000 lumens projector was installed on the balcony which could be used for large events with a portable floor standing 3.5m screen, in addition to the two 60″ monitor screens. Lapel and hand held radio microphone systems were provided in addition to a range of hand held (wired) microphones. All control equipment was installed with an oak equipment cabinet to match the churches interior with connection to remote speakers in the foyer areas. A hearing aid induction loop system was also installed.   a slideshow of the completed church audio visual system                                                                 –
Ealing Green Church audio visual system, West LondonThe installation was carried out over several months by Newtech engineers in late 2015 and was divided into 3 phases – 1st fix cabling, 2nd fix installation of equipment and commissioning of the finial system. A training day was provided to ensure all potential operatives were comfortable with using the new system. The completed system was covered by Newtech’s 2 year maintenance which is applied to all new installations.

I don't think we can thank Newtech enough for not just the installation of the AV system in our refurbished space, but also the manner they have made this a reality. You have helped us at every step of the way from the definition and then refinement of the requirements, working within our very tight budget and ultimately implemented a flexible and scalable system that is aligned with the goal of the refurbishment to have flexible use of the church space whilst also allowing for growth for the foreseeable future. The design and implementation of the AV component was a late addition to the overall refurbishment project, but Newtech were able to still come through, listen carefully to our goals, constraints and issues, and work seamlessly with the other firms already onboard to make our vision a reality. In the process, you saved us money wherever possible and even provided higher spec equipment so that ultimately you delivered to schedule, within budget and over-delivered on scope! The system is so simple to use, allowing a greater range of users to operate it with little training or instruction, and we are very much enjoying using it.
Thank you, and if you ever need a reference, we'll be more than happy to provide one.

Ealing Green Church.