St. Marks Coptic Church, Hounslow


After the success of our installation at the Coptic church in Kensington, Newtech was asked to design and install a multi-zone public address system for the new build Coptic church in Hounslow.


Due the high levels of noise from passing planes at Heathrow, the church required a PA system which produced a even spread of clear voice amplification throughout the room. TOA speakers where installed in opposite pairs along the length of the church with each pair wired as a separate zone – therefore allowing individual volume adjustment to be made to each pair. A mixture of Audio Technica Hypercardioid gooseneck microphones and wireless hand held microphones were setup to give maximum flexibility to the users. In addition AKG Cardioid microphones were suspended above the Altar to really audio through to the main body of the church. Multiple Floor boxes were fitted to provide additional speaker outputs and microphone / laptop input connections to the mixing desk. ┬áSpeakers were also installed within adding rooms with their own volume controls.