Ceiling mounted front projector

Church Projectors, Video & Display Systems

Church projectors and multiscreen video display systems make it possible to add an extra dimension to services, including using software such as Songpro.

In order to choose a suitable projector or display system for your church a number of factors need to be considered.  These include the amount of ambient light, the presence of suitable fixings for the projector and screen, the aesthetics of the equipment and the functionality of the system. Each church projector system is individually designed and installed to the church requirements.  For this reason we ensure that a detailed site survey is carried out at the start of the project. In addition, ongoing client consultations are organised throughout the installation process. Church projectors and video systems can be as simple as a single ceiling mounted projector and screen linked to a laptop. Alternatively, they can incorporate multiple screens, cameras and video feeds, all controlled by a central video switcher unit. The user interface of your video and projection system needs to be simple and intuitive, particularly when the church may have rotating AV controllers each week. We can talk you through the various options available and discuss your needs in person or over the phone.

Upgrading to DigitalChurch projectors - upgrading to digital

More and more clients are upgrading their church projectors systems to digital projectors or putting in the infrastructure to facilitate a future upgrade. If you have an existing church projector system and want to discuss upgrading to a high definition system then please contact a member of our team who can explain how such a system can benefit your church.


Ealing Green United Reformed Church, London

Church projectors in London installation by Newtech Southern Ltd

Ealing Green Methodist and United Reformed Church, London

Church projectors from London church installations

Front projection system for  Ealing Church










Church of the Good Shepherd, Surrey (click here for more information)

audio visual system for Surrey Church

Church projector system, Surrey

church audio visual installation

Church sound system, Surrey