Church Sound Systems

Church sound systems present a very particular set of challenges. A correctly designed and installed church PA system will bring clear, intelligible sound reinforcement to a church. Newtech Southern have over 30 years’ experience of installing church sound systems across the UK.

Reverberation & feedback are very prominent issues when installing church sound systems (particularly in older churches) and the balance between what is aesthetically pleasing and acoustically suitable must be carefully explored in order to perform well and please both the church committee and members of the congregation.


Church sound systems

Fixed or wireless, Omni directional or hyper cardioid, hand held or lapel clip. All microphone types have their place in church environments and it is our job to guide you through the process of choosing correct microphones.




Church PA systems

From column speakers to satellite speaker systems we can recommend suitable speakers which will blend into the churches environment. Reverberation is an ever present problem in churches with large amounts of highly reflective surfaces. Consequently, the correct type and positioning of speakers is vital in achieving clear voice reproduction throughout.  It is also important to consider all the possible uses for the sound system before settling on the right type, especially when the space to to be used in different layout and configurations.

Amplifiers & control kit

Church amplifiers and control kit

After site survey has highlighted the project requirements then the correct amplifier can be chosen and from there the need for EQ, limiters, feedback control units & salve amplifiers can be addressed. Running speakers over a 100V speaker line or  low impedance is a decision that will dictate the choice of amplifier, in addition knowing the total number of inputs into the system will influence the choice of mixer, be it mixing desk or mixer amplifier. Our sales team and engineers can guide you through these decisions.



St Marks Coptic Centre, Hounslow (Click on this link for more information)

Multi-zone public address system for London Coptic Church

Public address installation

Church sound system installation in South west London

Multi-zone sound system fixed and wireless microphones








St Marys Church, Salisbury

Sound system installation salisbury

Installation of public address and hearing loop system.

Sound system installations churches

Wireless microphones linked to a 100v sound system with remote volume controls.