Tannoy & Public Address Systems

Newtech has been designing and installing Public Address or PA systems for over 30 years. Our experienced sales staff can help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs, from simple portable speaker & microphone units to complex multi-room audio installations for offices, shops, churches, restaurants etc.

We can provide a Tannoy & pa systems for any of the following locations;

  • Conference / meeting rooms
  • Churches
  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Private houses
  • Retirement homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • And many other applications


Newtech supplies and installs ceiling microphones, suspended microphones, desk top microphones, fixed microphones & wireless microphones

Choosing the right microphone is a vital part in correctly specifying pa systems. Several factors need to be taken into consideration before a choice is made. These include the location of the speakers, the aesthetics/acoustics of the room, background noise and many other important factors including cost. If you require advice or have any questions about choosing appropriate microphones for pa systems please contact our sales team.


We have extensive experience in sourcing speakers which match the aesthetics of a room / building and can help to recommend suitable equipment based on your requirements and budget. It is vital to gain an understanding of exactly what pa systems are to be used for in order to specify suitable speakers.

Is the system purely to be used for background music or live music performances? Is it vital to have the most discrete speakers possible, in which case have you considered a satellite speaker system? Is there considerable background noise? Are there suitable mounting points for speakers in the appropriate positions? These are all questions which our sales team and engineers can help you answer.



Newtech can provide a range of amplifiers to suit all projects. From small 60 watt mixer amplifiers that are ideal for producing background music in a shop or foyer area, to larger multi zone 100V power amplifiers for churches and theatres. We have selected our range of amplifiers, which we regularly use due to their reliability and ease of use for commercial installations and can source equipment for all types of pa systems.



Speech Transfer Systems for Reception Counters

Newtech has installed speech transfer systems in council offices, government organisations and private businesses. These systems help both staff and customers when interacting in locations with excess background noise or security issues which require division between both parties. Newtech can provide a range of solutions depending on your needs and budget. An additional benefit of this system includes the option to link into an induction loop system.



Our Installation Service

Before any work is carried out, Newtech will usually carry out a site survey of the proposed venue in order to ascertain the exact requirements of the system. During this survey factors such as room size, acoustics, function and layout will be assessed. The options available to the customer will be fully explained and together we can agree on suitable equipment which will produce the best results.

Technical Information and FAQs

My sound system isn’t working?

Key factors to check:

  • Is every part of the system turned on? As well as the amplifier some microphones and speakers will have on /off switches.
  • Is the microphone plugged into the microphone socket? Some amplifiers will have various inputs not just for microphones.
  • Are you using a correctly specified microphone? Is the amplifier input and microphone Balanced or Non-Balanced?
  • If the microphone has a battery in it, is the battery still charged?
  • Are the speaker wires connected to the right speaker terminals on the amplifier? Amplifiers will often have separate output terminals for 4-8ohm,70v or 100v outputs. Speakers MUST be connected to the relevant output terminals.

If you have checked these factors and your system is still not working please contact our office and we will put you in contact with a member of our technical department who can assist you.

What is Feedback?
Feedback is the name given to the ringing sound produced when a microphone picks up sound from a loudspeaker (of the same sound system) and feeds this signal back into the amplifier which then outputs the ringing sound to the loudspeakers. It is generally caused by either the volume of the system being tuned up too high or by the microphone being positioned too close to the loudspeaker. Ensuring that PA systems are correctly setup reduces the likelihood of feedback occurring, but in certain circumstances specialist equipment such as ‘Feedback Eliminators’ can be introduced to pa systems to help combat Feedback issues.

What is Frequency response?
Frequency response is a measure of how effective a unit (amplifier, speaker) is at matching the quality of the signal it receives to the quality of the signal it produces at its output. In product specifications it can be displayed as a graph showing low, middle and high frequencies and how the unit performs throughout the whole audio frequency spectrum.

What is Frequency Range?
Frequency Range is the range from low to high frequencies which the unit can produce e.g 35Hz to 16kHz. The wider the frequency range on the equipment the better it will be at producing all audio frequencies.

What is Cable Interference?
Cable interference can occur when cables from pa systems carrying high level signals (such as mains or speaker feeds) are run next to low level input cables (such as microphone cables). The result can be heard as a buzz or hum coming out the speakers. This is a important factor when designing pa systems, as excessive cable interference can render a system useless.

What Does ‘Line Level’ mean?
A line level signal has a greater signal than that of a headphone output but much less than the speaker outputs. It is used when connecting various audio devices (such as CD players) to and from amplifiers.