Newtech bring High definition video distribution system to Christ’s Church, Bournemouth

Christ’s church in Westbourne was looking to upgrade their existing audio visual system which incorporated a projector, various wall mounted CRT tv screens and a multi-function sound system with live music capability. In addition they required for cameras to be installed in the church which could be fed into various TV screens installed through the adjoining extension building. The extension building was fitted with various sizes of TV screens which would display a live feed (including audio) from the church cameras.

The installation within the church comprised of the following

  • The projector was swapped for a 1080p HD widescreen projector and the electrical projector screen was swapped for a 16:9 widecreen model.
  • Each of the wall mounted CRT tv screens were removed and replaced with 32″ LCD widescreens.
  • New HDMI/Cat6 cabling was installed throughout the church to distribute HD quality images to all screens as well as the projector.A multi-function switcher unit allowed any input (cameras, dvd, computer) to be displayed on any of the tv screens or projector instantly. This allows all members of the congregation (wherever they are sat) to see live camera views of a particular reading or guest speaker or to see the hymn words clearly.

    The adjoining extension hall required multiple tv screens to be installed which would each be connected to the churches video switcher. This would therefore allow live video and audio to be seems and heard by anyone within these rooms. This feature was particularly important to users of the Creche who could still feel part of the service.Each tv screen within the extension building also included a wall connection plate which allowed laptops and MP3 players to be connected.

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